We are pleased to assist you with the following services:

Information Counter

information_counterOur information counter is located at the ground floor near the main entrance.

Our friendly and proficient customer service team is happy to assist you with shop directions, free wheel chair, first aid, lost and found, or any other enquires.

Shop Direction

directory_myanmarplazaIf you find it difficult to find ways, our customer service team will help you navigate the correct location or we have shopping directory boards available at the entrances and lifts.

Wheel Chair

wheelchair_serviceGet free wheelchair at the information counter, and customers’ ID card or Driving License is required for loan.

First Aid

first_aidMedicine Box is readily available at the information counter and our staff are ready to help you for emergency medical assistance.

Lost & Found

lost_foundYou can get immediate assistance by our customer service team if you have misplaced items during your visit, or directly call to +959 26 4444 626 incase of lost, missing or misplacing.

Money Changer

currencyexchangeShould you need any foreign currency exchange,
AYA money changer is located at the ground floor (near Main Entrance on Industrial 1 Road)


atm_myanmarplazaIf you’re short on shopping cash, or need to draw money urgent stop at one of our convenient Chase ATMs at the ground floor.

Available ATMs; AYA, KBZ, CB, AGD, YOMA, MAB
In addition, there is full banking service available at AYA, KBZ, CB, AGD, YOMA, MAB banks at the ground floor.

Parking Charges


Day – 6:00 Am- Midnight (00:00 Am)500 MMK per hour
Remark- First 30 mins Free
Night- Midnight (00:00 Am)- 6:00 Am1000 MMK per hour
Remarks- Maximum Night Fee, 3000 MMK per night